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#13854594 Sep 08, 2018 at 07:45 PM · Edited 1 year ago
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So, you might have noticed I haven't been around in a couple of weeks. And though it is true that I just started a new job, and am in the middle of moving, that's not really the main reason. Basically, I've decided to quit DDO.


So, I've been playing DDO for a long time, 9 years now. And the game has undergone a whole lot of changes in that time, some good, and some bad.

Unfortunately, the trend over the past couple of years has been largely bad, and the time has come for me to say goodbye.

I've been a D&D player for almost triple the time I've been a DDO player. I only started DDO because it was supposed to be a D&D-based game.

I'm not an MMO player; I've never played any other MMO, and based on how people defending DDO's direction claim, "all MMOs do that!", I probably won't bother to start any other MMO.

It boils down to 2 huge reasons, and a bunch of other reasons besides:

1. They never finished implementing my favorite class. Since DDO began, a major class feature has been missing, and, now, after pawning off some pale powercreep imitation with none of the actual point as if were the real thing, it's clear they never will implement it.
(I.e., I wanted and still want, and now will never see Clerics get, real Domains, that, instead of just power creep, actually give Clerics substantially broader spell choices. I want 18 more spells to choose from, not 1 or even 3 stupid SLAs and unneeded +4 to DCs.)

2. There's no possibility of a stability for a character, only an eternal TR grind. While I have no problem with enjoying the journey, I want the journey to eventually end, and then enjoy my destinationn even more for even longer. But why bother spending years trying to reach a goal, only to have it yanked out of reach and have all your progress reset to zero, with the promise that the same thing will happen again and again?
(I.e., anyone with Completionist or Complete Racist gets their build broken whenever the devs decide to add a new race or class, and have to TR to fix it. But TRing means starting over and losing all your progress on favor, flagging, raid counters, monster manual, wilderness objectives, blah blah blah. I want to be able to reach those achievements and keep them.)

Other reasons:

- Devs have no idea of D&D. They seem to be following a consistent effort to remove all D&D from the game. Some examples:
- AC & to-hit nerf
- Dodge AC bonus nerf
- Removal of Barbarian DR
- Tried removing Turn Undead (that got shouted down, at least temporarily, thank goodness)
- Turn Undead is a dumb action boost
- FvS get to use the same stat for everything
- Monks w. PTW bird tree get to use same stat for everything
- repeated invention of generic non-needed and non-D&D mechanics
- Dodge miss chance
- Spell Power
- Melee Power
- Ranged Power
- Deflection

- Devs have no idea of game balance. They buffs of things that don't need buffing, and nerf things that don't need nerfing, with no logical explanation. This type of thing has been going on for years, but just a couple recent examples:
- Nerfing Druid spell penetration
- Buffing Cleric & FvS DCs
- Buffing melee HP
- Nerfing the ability to heal your teammates

- Devs have no idea how to manage power creep. "Creep" should be small and slow. +7 stats on Epic gear at level 20 had creep to +8 stats when level cap when to 25. From that, to...+20 at level 29. That's just one example. The power creep is crazy, and breaks the game.

- Devs defeat own purpose with Reaper, repeatedly. Claim it's a challenge difficulty...then introduce massive power creep, and offer massive XP boost. Then later, introduce even more power creep because casuals want the massive XP and can't handle the difficulty.

- Devs with must-kill-everything lazy quest design. Stealth is not a supported play style. Crowd control & move on is literally impossible in many new quests, because doors won't open until every last mob is dead.

- Population has gotten far too small to be split across 8 servers. It's supposed to be a multiplayer game, but often there's nobody left to play with. Instead of whining about who will get which name on a server merge, figure out how to let the whole player population play together. Maybe with "cross-server grouping" or something else. Or maybe bite the bullet and actually do a server merge.

Do I need to go on?

If I could play my main character, as the class I want, with that class fully implemented, and continue to play him for years without my build breaking and without having to keep TRing, then I probably would put up with all the other stupid crap the devs have dumped on us. And would keep playing, and could actually work on all sorts of cool goals and achievments

But it's pointless to attempt that when your progress is held hostage to the next time some stupid dev decides we need some random homebrew class he thought up dumped into DDO. And when devs spend all their time introducing unneeded invented stuff instead of actually finishing the basics, at the expense of my character, I'm just not interested anymore.

So, while it's been fun at times over the years, it's mostly just frustration lately. Thanks everyone, and good luck.
#13854658 Sep 08, 2018 at 09:47 PM
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It's sad to see you go, but I understand very much your reasons. I have come and go so often due to life being busy, I feel far behind everyone else. I too find it difficult to play sometimes due to so many people leaving.

You'll be greatly missed, and I only regret not getting to play with you more often. I wish you well! I'm not certain myself how much longer I'll be playing.

It's been a pleasure all these years. Wish what you wanted out of this game had been made possible for many more years of enjoyment!

Peace be with you, brother.

#13854951 Sep 09, 2018 at 11:53 AM
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Understand completely. I would have quit long ago had it not been for the people in the guild.

I'm with you. Got in to DDO because of D&D, and won't play any other MMO. There's certainly no argument that this is a far cry from actual D&D at this point.

Bummer that you're leaving, but I get it.

Best of luck.
#13858083 Sep 13, 2018 at 05:38 PM
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I share everyone's sentiments. I also agree completely with all of your assessments of the issues in the game. It's too bad that the devs couldn't appease a passionate player and get a main class correct while still catering to the whiners. If we are still here, you are always welcome back. Stay in touch and I will always have the "Budder Dish" to remember you by!
#13858085 Sep 13, 2018 at 05:40 PM
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Aww Bud - Mrrpp 😕. You know I am one of your biggest fans so this makes me sad 😒 .
Who is going to laugh at my jokes and poke fun of me for doing stupid stuff... 🙊

I do understand your many reasons for leaving.
You will always have access to this forum, TS and the Boat if ya ever pop in to say hi... OR hop on here and see what crazy animal build Chip makes next lol 😅

I will miss you! Best of luck with the new job, the move and all your endeavors!!! 🐶

I am Awesome!!!! YAY

(its in my bio)
#13858096 Sep 13, 2018 at 06:05 PM
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#13858083 Chippacabre wrote:

I share everyone's sentiments. I also agree completely with all of your assessments of the issues in the game. It's too bad that the devs couldn't appease a passionate player and get a main class correct while still catering to the whiners. If we are still here, you are always welcome back. Stay in touch and I will always have the "Budder Dish" to remember you by!

WE will always have the "Budder Dish" to remember you by!

YAY - <3
I am Awesome!!!! YAY

(its in my bio)
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