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Melee Dps

alli freeze me!

sw/wc/ek/dm Level 30 Neutral Good Dragonborn Male (4 Sorcerer / 15 Bard / 1 Favored Soul / 10 Epic) Hit Points: 406 Spell Points: 2068 BAB: 13/13/18/23 Fortitude: 12 Reflex: 12 Will: 24 Starting Abilities Base Stats (32 Point)...
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Melee Dps

Angel of Destruction

This was an idea to be a hybrid. Melee DPS with good Divine casting. Casting DPS coming from Good to High DC's for Evocation (Blade Barrier, Soundburst, Cometfall, Implosion, and Mass Frog) SWF for attack speed and using an orb for casting abiliti...
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Melee Dps

The MaulBearian

This gets it's own thread.The MaulBearianStarting Stats: Str 18 | Dex 8 | Con 18 | Int 8 | Wis 8 | Cha 12Past lives – no racial, all melee x 3, all Epic x 9 except Arcane, PDK x 3** THIS BUILD REQUIRES A +3 HEART OF WOOD **11 Barbarian, 6 Cleric, ...
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Melee Dps

Chippinater's current Mauler build

Chippinater MaulerMUST BE PDK – No other race worksStarting Stats | Str 18 | Dex 8 | Con 18 | Int 8 | Wis 8 | Char 121 Fighter – Power Attack | (Cleave) | Weap Focus Bludgeon2 Paladin – Servent of Silvanus3 Paladin - Completionist4 Monk - THF5 Fig...
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Melee Dps

Chippacabre Assassin

Wanted to get this started in case anyone has input that I missed but here is my current plan:DwarfStr 8 | Dex 14 | Con 19 | Int 18 | Wis 9 | Chr 6Must have 14 dex to take TWF line on time and end with 21 (+7 tome) by lev 24 for Improved Sneak Att...
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Melee Dps

Updated Ultra Tank

No seriously. This is my second updated version. He can tank anything. WARNING: This build has very little to no DPSHe now has all epic past lives except for the 6 arcane ones that don't matter. This updated version has Higher defensive stats...
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Melee Dps

Chippacabre's Racial PL Leveler

This is such a fun Racial PL build. It will probably not work very well if you are a first life toon but with some good gear can probably be effective as just a 36pt build. I have most Non-Racial PL so for me it rocks. It's got evasion, can do ...
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Melee Dps

Chippacabre 2WF Con-dmg Dwarf Kensei

Chippacabre 2WF Con-dmg Dwarf Kensei 20 FighterFirst of all I will start by saying that you WILL do more DPS if you go Human and use Khopesh or Hammer. I highly recommend going Human. You get the double action boost from human and the extra feat....
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Melee Dps


ULTRA TANKNo seriously. I developed this toon with the idea that he would be able to Tank multiple mobs and or the toughest bosses in the game from Sorjek, to the red names in Tempest Spine, Xizzy and anything in the shroud. So far I have been a...
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Melee Dps

Great axe Barbarian

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.29.001 DDO Character Planner Home Page Chippinater Level 30 True Neutral Human Male (20 Barbarian / 10 Epic) Hit Points: 810 Spell Points: 40 BAB: 20/20/25/30/30 Fortitude: 26 Reflex: 9 Will: 9 ...
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Melee Dps

Avatar of Light

Decided to backlog the Lord Soth Deathknight build, and instead went with working on it's polar opposite. This guy is a walking 5000 Watt Light Bulb in the lands of darkness. Wearing Medium Armor (or Heavy if you find no need in casting arcane s...
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