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trading items withing the guild!
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Cheers everyone

Its been a few years since i joined the UCA galleon and the time has come for me to man the sails of a smaller vessel. We had good times together and i don't plan on stopping that part. Wish you all the best of luck and see you in the game.Torv
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Odds and Ends

Goodbye, UCA!

Hey guys!Over the past few weeks I have become a pretty active player once again (after coming back from a year-long break in December), running all the new quests and raids and playing around with new content in general. My focus has become endga...
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Bye guys!

So, you might have noticed I haven't been around in a couple of weeks. And though it is true that I just started a new job, and am in the middle of moving, that's not really the main reason. Basically, I've decided to quit DDO.Why?So, I've been ...
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LEVEL 200!

Congratulations, everyone!For those who don't already know, we hit level 200 yesterday afternoon.So, when is our big celebration planned for?
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This is pretty interesting - Torc game dev interview on you tube!

Hey Guys, Mini here. This is pretty interesting to listen to. I thought in light of the 10th anniversary of DDO i'd link it! Happy Update <3
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